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The Importance of Being Ernest Scared Stupid

FEB. 6 - FEB. 27, 2015


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QUAC Collective

Never Scared, 2015

Hanger, Denim Vest, Sony Walkman, Cassette Tape playing Bonecrusher's "Never Scared"

Dimensions Variable



Gagosian Gallery Online is pleased to present the work of QUAC (pronounced "quack") Collective. QUAC Collective are an anonymous group of conceptual artists interested in blurring the lines between the high and low brow in order to create evocative juxtapositions of form and content.


Their most recent work celebrates 1991 film "Ernest Scared Stupid," with the collective creating 6 unique works. One installation involves a performance piece where three masked members perform a "gallon challenge," attempting to each drink a gallon of milk within an hour and without vomiting. This performance takes place over top of a digital print of the film's antagonist, a troll who turns locals into wooden dolls and who's only weakness is milk. Even by "failing" the challenge, the trio will be successfully attacking the bad guy by lucking into success, something actor Jim Varney's "Ernest P. Worrell" character is known to do in the film series. Another piece, "Trolled" turns famous art world faces into the same type of wooden dolls the evil troll in the film creates.


It is with these types of irreverent, humorous gestures which the group hopes will ultimately mix up and dissolve the hierarchies of taste put forth by the art world's elite. The members of QUAC collective simultaneously act as historians who don't want to forget their own cherished pop culture to fade away while prodding the powers that be. Besides the obvious, the show's title also derives from a famous Oscar Wilde play, and it is the rarely remembered second part of that work's title which could serve as a kind of mission statement for the Collective. The Importance of Being Earnest... A Trivial Comedy for Serious People.





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