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JAN. 2 - JAN. 30, 2015


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Stevie J

Ophelia, 2014

Oil on Linen




To begin our 2015 gallery season, Gagosian Gallery Online presents "Significant," an exhibition of oil paintings by Indianapolis, Indiana based artist, Stevie J. This show represents over a year of studio work for the artist, and features six highly rendered oil paintings of crashed vehicles isolated on solidly colored backgrounds.


From the artist: For one's death to read as three lines of an obituary seems tragically insufficient. Over 1 million people lose their lives in car accidents per year. These are over a million people whose tales' ends they didn't get to write. All they receive at the end are a depthless spectacle. By giving my paintings the titles inspired by Classical and Shakespearean tragedies, it is my hope to give significance to these lives cut violently short. It is with a simple conceptual gesture, a title, that I hope brings us to more deeply consider and love those around us whose end dates we are unable to know.





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