Gallery Full of Water

DEC. 5 - DEC. 26, 2014


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Gallery Full of Water, 2014

Water, Gallery Space

70' x 35' x 15'



A long time artistic collaborator, Water, presents their first solo show “Gallery Full of Water” at Gagosian Gallery Online. The exhibition’s title is a play on the Pablo Picasso quote, “give me a museum, and I’ll fill it,” though even Picasso couldn’t have expected to fill a space so completely.


Water is known widely for their many collaborations. From the artist’s representation as enveloping the titular “Ophelia” in John Everett Millais 1852 masterpiece, to providing about 95% of the liquid in Andre Serrano’s controversial “Piss Christ,” and many more moments before, between, and after, the art world owes much to Water. We at Gagosian Gallery Online don’t wish to spew hyperbolic language, but it does not seem factually inaccurate to say that every artist in the world owes water about 65% of their credit by mass. We’ve given Water free reign over the space for this exhibition, and it has been filled.





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