The Digital Self

MAY 2 - MAY 30, 2014


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Real, Original, 2014

Printed fleece blanket

50 x 60 inches



Gagosian Gallery Online is pleased to present "The Digital Self." This exhibition is the artist's first with Gagosian Gallery Online, and represents a culmination of the past year of studio research. The work explores contemporary issues regarding both art and identity, and takes form through a multitude of mediums.


The following is a description from the artist.


We are in a perpetual state of becoming ourselves. This has always been the case. With the advent of digital technologies, we were given a way to play out this process externally. The representation of the self online is a complex and important part of our daily lives. The same goes for the representation of the art object. A work of art is much more likely to be seen or experienced as a photo online than as the thing itself in a particular location. “The Digital Self” is an ongoing exploration of the relationship between the contemporary art object and identity as they exist in a physical reality augmented by the digital. The resulting works document the mutation of a self-portrait through unique instantiations that bounce back and forth between physical and digital forms of representation. With each new version produced, the total identity is more closely traced, and the boundaries of the image or object broaden. There is no static final version of either the object or of the self; the developmental process of each is forever ongoing. The project considers a more complex version of reality in which we, and the objects we live with exist both online and off simultaneously.






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